Vishnupant Damle,a born artist, spent his early life in great hardship. He worked with drama companies  to paint backdrops, under Baburao Painter and Anandrao Painter, the two masters in arts.
He became trusted lieutenant of Baburao Painter in his Maharashtra film Company,Kolhapur.
On 1st June 1929,Damle along with his partners,founded Prabhat Film Company.

He had a good understanding in Engineering.
The studio at Pune was constructed under his supervision. He worked as sound recordist for some early films of Prabhat.He along with S.Fatelal directed
Sant Tukaram
Sant Dnyaneshwar
Gopal Krishna and
Sant Sakhu.
"Sant Tukaram" was a great success.
In 1945, at an early age of 52 he passed away.

  S.Fatelal along with Damle worked in Drama companies and Maharashtra Film Company .He cranked camera for silent films of Prabhat.

He  was a very skillful artist. He had the creative ability of designing big settings and innovative drapery and costumes.Settings and costumes from films of Prabhat is a testimony of his skills.

At the same time, he had a keen eye for reality of sets and drapery.




V.Shantaram was also working with Baburao Painter in Maharashtra Film Company.He was much devoted to Baburao Painter and learnt from him the art of film making.
Many of the films of Prabhat have been directed by him.
Films like,
  • Aadmi
  • Duniya Na Mane
  • Padosi
  • Amarjyoti, are still remembered by public.

He retired from Prabhat in 1942 and started his own "Rajkamal Kala Mandir" in Bombay.
He produced a number of films under the banner of Rajkamal.He passed away at the age of 90.

  One of the co-workers with V.Damle,S.Fatelal and V. Shantaram at Maharashtra Film Company. He picturised  many Prabhat films.
He directed
  • Zulum ,a silent film
  • Rajput Ramani, a talkie film for Prabhat.
    He retired from Prabhat in 1937 and started his own company"Jayashree Cinetone". However he was not successful in his venture.In later years, he produced some documentary films for Govrnrment of Maharashtra.

K. Dhaibar


S. Kulkarni

He had a shop in Kolhapur dealing in Gold and Silver wares. He visited Maharashtra Film Company often and  was versed with V.Damle and others.
At the start of Prabhat, the partners were in need of capital.Damle approached Kulkarni and Kulkarni having full faith in Damle, immediately offered to help.
He gave a financial assistance of Rs.25,000, drawing the amount from his running business and by mortgaging some land. In appreciation of his timely help and wholehearted support he was taken as a partner in the company.
He retired in 1952.
  Baburao Pai was a distributor of the films produced by Maharashtra Film Company. He continued to be distributor for Prabhat Films from beginning till the close of Prabhat.
He had an agency for Cine Cameras and equipments.He helped Prabhat in procuring Cine Cameras and sound equipments.

Because of his long association with Prabhat,he became a partner in place of K.Dhaibar in 1939.

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Baburao Pai



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